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from Thessaloniki: 45€ per person
"Macedonian Treasures" on Monday
Veria & Vergina

Special Offer Price Applies

from Thessaloniki: 45€ per person

This excursion combines an archaeological tour and the visit to a famous pilgrim/religious destination in Greece the City of Veria. Veria, a town well-known for its religious history as St.Paul preached there on his 2nd missionary journey. During your free time explore the interesting Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches,stroll around the old quarters among which, the Jewish one and of course taste the local sweet called revani. Afterwards we will head towards Vergina or “Aegae “ as per its ancient name , the first capital of Ancient Macedonia. Together with our professional licensed guide we enter the New Museum of Aigai, a gate to the History of the Royal metropolis of the Macedonia, which was recently inaugurated. There you will be informed about the history, the culture and the daily life of Macedonians. More specifically, its exhibitions focusing on the architecture,sculpture and grave goods house impressive and unique findings like ancient weapons, pottery and precious jewellery. Here we will visit the new museum of Aegae and the Vergina Royal Tombs, protected by Unesco. After the visit to the Nea Museum of Aegae, we will continue our excursion to the Royal Tombs of Vergina, where before entering them, we will have a short stop for lunch at Vergina Village where the Tombs are located. Seize the opportunity to get under the tumulus that covers impressive funerary monuments like the royal tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great and houses extraordinary golden treasures dated back to 4th B.C, a breathtaking scenery which will stay in your memories forever. After our last visiting point and the departure,you  will be dropped off at your pick up point at the estimated time of arrival.


  • Visit the commercial center of the Ancient Macedonian Kingdom
  • Get inside a Royal tomb!
  • Visit one of the most important museums in Greece
  • Learn about the relationship between philosopher Aristotle and Alexander the Great
  • Walk in the footsteps of St Paul – the most important pilgrim route in Greece
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