Price : 40€ per person
from Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki Walking Food Tour
Price from: 40€ per person

Thessaloniki, a city with an ancient history, the home of conquerors, the shelter for people around the world, the roof for the local Greek, Turkish, French, Jewish, Greek, Bulgarian, Ponts and many more communities and refugees throughout the history of the city. All this created a very well balanced and unique cuisine, by using techniques and ideas from the before mentioned foreign food traditions. From generation to generation, the recipes and the cooking techniques are handed by the elder to the youngest so today we could have a small taste of this art in the capital of gastronomy and flavours! During the ‘Taste of Thessaloniki’ tour you will be using all your senses to get to know the Greek kitchen. Your enthusiastic tour leader cannot wait to let you taste all the good stuff and tell you everything about the local habits. We walk through the city center and visit local shops, introduce you to the proud owners of the family businesses and of course we’ll be visiting the central market!

Did you know that UNESCO designates Thessaloniki as one of the most Creative Cities of Gastronomy in the world?
Tip: Do not forget to ask your guide about gastronomic recommendations !


  • Feel and taste the Thessaloniki food habits and recipes.
  • Meze degustation in local tavern
  • Get to know the Greek breakfast habits and try some traditional koulouri Thessalonikis and bougatsa
  • Taste the traditional Greek coffee.
  • Taste different sweets such as loukoumi
  • Try different types of olives and learn how to use olive oil in Greek recipes
  • Get to know different traditional Greek herbs and spices and learn how to use them in Greek meals
  • We will end the tour with a lunch of different mezedes (small dishes that we share with each other)
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