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Thessaloniki City Tour & Archaeological Museum
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Thessaloniki is the Capital of Northern Greece and the 2nd largest city of Greece, a city that drifts in time from classical antiquity to modern days, preserving centuries of history till modern days through architecture, gastronomy, local people, and archaeological monuments. Among the 15 UNESCO heritage sites in the city, seize the opportunity to find more about the most important of them through this tour. Firstly, we will head to the upper town the so-called “Ano Poli” and observe the impressive byzantine walls that once used to be approximately 4km in length and 10-12 meters in height surrounding and protecting the city inhabitants from invaders. Moving on, you will spot the traditional architecture by visiting the Paleochristian church of Saint Demetrios, the patron saint of the city and its catacombs. Heading to the heart of the city centre, you will learn about the Roman period by admiring the beautiful Monument of Rotunda and the famous Arch of Galerius. Visit the Archaeological and Byzantine museums with one hour guided tour each. We will finish our tour by the sea with the landmark of the city, the White Tower, and the statue of Alexander the Great King of Macedonia.

Did you know that UNESCO designates Thessaloniki as one of the most Creative Cities of Gastronomy in the world?
Tip: Do not forget to ask your guide about gastronomic recommendations!


  • Explore the 2nd largest city in Greece and learn the history behind its name (spoiler alert: there is a famous mermaid involved)
  • Spot the different historical periods of the city which once was a multicultural crossroad through a guided tour to the main interesting sites
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