Special Offer Price Applies

from Thessaloniki: 45€ per person
from Thessaloniki
Pozar Baths and Edessa Waterfalls

Special Offer Price Applies

from Thessaloniki: 45€ per person

North Greece except the great cuisine and hospitality is also well known for its green nature, rivers, waterfalls and therapeutic thermal baths. Today’s excursion combines everything from mentioned before. A beautiful day to spend amid the nature of the Pozar thermal waterfalls, in the footsteps of Mount Voras and the Loutraki village. The thermal water reaches a temperature of 38 °C and its mineral elements have a tonic effect on the body and soul. Throughout the centuries, religions, mythologies, traditions and beliefs, the people admired the superior nature of water and its healing properties. On site you will have the opportunity to visit the hydrotherapy or massage  centers, the folklore museum, the cave park or a simple cafeteria to sit, relax, and admire the sound of the flowing waters surrounded by  beautifully nature. After our relaxing morning our next stop is Edessa the so called City Of Water and Waterfalls, with its 100 bridges and its natural park with waterfalls, among the most spectacular in the Balkans. Before or after the lunch you can visit the Keranos waterfall that drops 70 meters among the trees that were planted centuries ago, the watermill and reptile museum, and the aristocratic Varosi hillside neighbourhood with grand old houses made in Macedonian architectural style. A day full with Nature and Beautiful scenery will stay in your memories for long time.

Tip: Do not forget to ask your guide about gastronomic recommendations !


  • Karanos Waterfall which is the biggest waterfall in Greece
  • Therapeutic springs of Pozar
  • City of Waters so called Edessa
  • Local cuisine
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