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from Thessaloniki: 50€ per person
"Alexander the Great"
Pella - Edessa - Naousa wine tasting

Special Offer Price Applies

from Thessaloniki: 50€ per person

Our guided tour starts in the archaeological site of Ancient Pella, known as the old Capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great. Stroll around the 2.500 sq. mt. of symposium parlours and explore rooms with incredibly well-preserved mosaic floors of the 4th century B.C built by small natural pebbles, matched and laid in portrayed scenes such as the lion hunt of god Dionysos riding a panther. A whole city was revealed after excavations in 1957, well preserved in time, giving you the opportunity to use your imagination and along with history knowledge provided by the experienced guide to picture the predominance of the Ancient Kingdom of Macedonia.
The next point of interest is the so-called “City of Water”, the magnificent Edessa. Take some time for yourself and admire the breathtaking waterfall “Karano”, the frothy rivers with over 47 bridges and the cute little parks. All combined create a fairytale scenery of an outdoor water museum. There, you will have some free time to enjoy a local lunch. For the end of the tour, we arranged for you a unique wine-tasting experience at one of the many local wineries, famous worldwide for the “ Xinomavro” wine variety. The local producers guide you through the wine-making process, answer any of your questions and offer you their wine along with some snacks. After enjoying a complete experience, we return back and drop you off at the meeting points.

Tip: Ask your guide for lunch recommendations in Edessa!


  • Explore Ancient Pella, the old capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great
  • Admire the largest waterfall in the Balkans
  • Taste the famous local wine variety in a traditional winery
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