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"Myth & History"
Dion & Pal. Panteleimon

Special Offer Price Applies

from Thessaloniki: 50€ per person

Our journey to Myth and History starts by visiting the ancient city and sanctuary of Dion, dedicated to the most important and powerful Olympic God, Zeus, the king of ancient Greek Dodecatheon and the ruler of the universe. The ancient people used to make sacrifices in the name of gods to please or appease them, among them the Great King of Macedonia, Alexander. In the archaeological site of Dion, we see a large temple dedicated to Zeus, and a series of temples dedicated to Demeter and Isis (the Egyptian god with the ability to create and destroy life), unique mosaic floors and ancient baths and ruins. Moving on, our experienced guide will lead you to the Dion Museum, where you will admire the ancient statues, relics and findings that were found on the site and listen to the myths and stories about the everyday life of the people in ancient Dion.
Our tour ends in the picturesque, traditional village of Paleos Panteleimon which is traced back to the 14th century till the end of WW2, when it was abandoned. There, you will have the time to stroll around and discover the graphical narrow stone paved streets, the cute houses, the hidden taverns and coffee shops.
After our lunch break, we return to the meeting points of the tour.

Tip: Do not forget to ask your guide about gastronomic recommendations!


  • Visit the most sacred city of the Ancient Macedonian Kingdom and learn about the mystery behind the worship of Zeus
  • Enjoy a coffee in a cute traditional coffee shop or a tasty lunch in one of the traditional tavernas under the large plane trees in the picturesque village of Paleos Panteleimon
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