The Aristotelian Walk

Duration: 2 days / 1 nights
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Follow the footsteps of great philosopher, learn about his life and be inspired by him-the one and only Aristotle. He was the teacher of Alexandar the Great, he was the greatest mind of his time, respectful and wise, and his sayings and toughts are still remembered and valued today. Without any doubt, this visit to ancient town of Stagira, the birthplace of great philosopher, will leave you wondering and learning by  the arcaeological findings we will discover together. Follow the ” Marmari route” with us and get ready to fall in love with Halkidiki forever!


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Tour Highlights

Day 1: Arrival at Olympiada

-Arrival in Eastern Halkidiki.

-After an hour drive from Thessaloniki we will arrive at the area of Olympiada, we will start immediately following one part
of the «Aristotelian Walk» in Olympiada (2km).

-First, we will visit the ancient town of Stagira, the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle, teacher of Alexander the Great. We will walk around the archaeological findings and the Aristotelian Mountain. We will see/collect the same plants and herbs that helped Alexander the Great to describe to Asiatic plants!

-Later we will follow the «Marmari Route» (10km) and the «sea steps of Aristotle», visiting the famous Olympiada mussels’ farms, being informed about the mussels farming and collecting wild mussels. We will lunch there, on the wooden pier, enjoying fresh
mussels and local tsipouro!

-During our dinner we will also be offered mussels dishes. We will check in to the hotel in Olympiada and enjoy a special dinner inspired by the ancient Greek cuisine.

Day 2: The Aristotelian walk in Olympiada

-After our homemade organic breakfast, we will visit the waterfallas of Varvara and walk (10km) along the most popular walking routes of the Aristotelian Mountain.

-We will meet beekeepers at work, local farmers and join the local housewives, who will teach us to make «trahana»– a kind of wheat Greek pasta.

-We will lunch in one of the local traditional restaurants on the top of the vendant slopes. Later on we will visit the ancient site of
Sidirokafsia and the Aristotles Park, the only theme park in Halkidiki, when we will study around the ancient devices, which
were reffering to the Aristotles ancient documents titled «Physics». In the evening the tour ends, return back to Thessaloniki
or to your next destination.

*The program can be extended with extra nights in Halkidiki or in Thessaloniki with a visit to Mieza ‘’School of Aristoteles’’ and

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