Welcome to Vergina

Not far from the ancient capital of Great Macedonia, the small city of Vergina is located. The closeness of the two cities is not casual, both represent connection with ancient times and with history and culture for the whole country. Together with Pella, it symbolizes the national heritage of the whole coutry but especially North Greece.

Modern history:

Vergina has its contemporary and modern life to offer too. Vergina as modern city was established in 1922 in the aftermath of the population exchanges after the Treaty of Lausanne and was a separate municipality until 2011, when it was merged with Veroia under the Kallikratis Plan. It is now a municipal unit within Veroia, with an area 69.047 km2.


The trip to this city can begin with the sightseeing of Museum of Royal Tombs, Aigai Theatre, and the city center and after you can relax and enjoy the nature in one of the amazing guesthouses or hotels.  For gastronomy lovers, you can enjoy in amazing traditional dishes and the best Greek selection of scented wines.

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