Welcome to Thessaloniki!

Greece is known as the capital of ancient history, culture, and art. Thessaloniki, as its second biggest city and a real metropolis of Balkans should definitely be on your bucket list for travelling. This city has to offer best views and attractions, history that will move you to your core, spirit that will inspire you, gastronomy that will capture  your senses and entertainment that will make you fall in love with this city forever.


Since its founding 315 BC by king Kassandros, city has experienced many changes. It was a part of Roman empire, Byzantine empire, it has survived Ottoman era, Balkan wars and World Wars. You can see the remains of each time by walking rich and colorful streets of the city-Rotonda and Arch of Galerius from Roman period, an incredible number of 12 Byzantine churches from Byzantine era that are now under the UNESCO protection, White tower of Thessaloniki which is a symbol of the city and whole region, the many buildings in the central parts and streets of Thessaloniki that have been built between two Great World Wars, many Jewish monuments and buildings and two synagogues and so many more monuments that will take your breath away.

Contemporary Thessaloniki:

Today the city has to offer great business opportunities, amazing gastronomy of its beautiful restaurants, colorful nightlife in its Ladadika district, many museums to catch up with local culture and art, and boat rides around the gulf of Termaikos. For shopping lovers there is variety of shops, worldwide famous brands, or local shops that you can find things you wish for, and for everyone’s pocket.


Although the city has large and operating port, you can still escape to the nearest beaches to enjoy refreshment near the very center of the city. Only 20 km from the center there are beaches Agia Triada, Epanomi-potamos, Peraias beach.


This city has many hotels, some of them in historic buildings of the city. Staying in them, even for just a few days, will, certanly, be a real experiance. You can enjoy the variety of services choosing the hotel according to your taste most of which are awarded.

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