Welcome to Thassos!

In the North Greece there is a hidden jewel of the Aegean sea – Thassos island. Its greenery in the contrast with crystal clear waters will take your breath away. The most beautiful beaches and small villages overlooking the sparkling sea are the ideal for magnificent sunsets. Although this island is beautiful and cherished for its nature, it also has meaningful history and it has historical importance of great value.


As the Greek mythology narrates, Thassos island was the home of Staphylus, the beloved of the God Dyonissos. The myth still gives some magical light to this small island.


It is discovered that in this very island there was life from Palaeolithic period and it continued during Neolithic, Bronze age and Iron age. Some of the remains can still be seen near Limenaria village.

Antique history:

This period leaves many rich ruins to testify the colorful life that was led. The remains of amphitheaters and other archaeological sites are proved to be the experience you will never forget. Visit Ancient agora in Limenas (the capital of the island), Archaeological museum of Thassos and Acropolis of Thassos.


Everywhere in this island you can find the remains of Byzantine and Ottoman empire. Many important churches still adorn this place: The Byzantine Monastery of Thassos, St. Panteleimon Monastery, Kazaviti, The Monastery of the Assumption in Maries are just few monasteries to visit in this magical island.

Modern Thassos:

This is the island that perfectly matches the old part of the island with new and modern way of life. While the traditional villages like Panagia and Theologos will bring you the peace and quite time enjoying the delicious food, the port in Limenas and the bars near the sea will give you the sensation of perfect nightlife fun.

As this island is close to the city of Kavala and its port it is very well connected with continental part of Greece which gives it the benefit of strong economy and trade. Tourism in the island is very well developed and tourist all over the world look forward to visit it every summer. Don’t miss the magic of smaragd green Thassos island!


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