Welcome to Pieria!

Pieria is the smallest regional unit in Central Macedonia, on the seaside coast in the Aegean sea. Its capital is small town Katerini. It is very well-known touristic area in the Balkans with the most beautiful long sand beaches of which the most famous are Paralia Katerinis and Olympic beach, Litochoro, Leptokarya, Neoi Poroi.

Greek mythology:

This area is of special interest due to location of, in Greek Mythology, very important Mount Olympus (the highest mountain in Greece) where, according to the legends – gods lived. With the view on the sea this part offers many adventures and sports to everyone’s taste.

Ancient history:

The name Pieria originates from the ancient Pieres tribe. In Pieria, there are many sites of archeological interest, such as Dion, Pydna, Leivithra and Platamonas. Pieria is also home to Mt. Pierus from which Hermes takes flight to visit Calypso (Odyssey 5.50), home to Orpheus and the Muses, as well as the Pierian Spring.

Modern life:

Katerini as the capital of the region is rich in nightclubs and cafes and offers variety of the shopping spots, rich in leather fashion products as well as different fashion products made of fur.

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