Welcome to Pella

The glorious city of Pella, ancient birthplace of Alexander the Great and capital of Kingdom of ancient Macedonia is truly the treasure of Northern Greece. It offers many experiences that will inspire you with history, its archaeological sites, and its general importance.

Step back in the history in the golden era of Greek triumphs, philosophy, heroism, and knowledge. Learn about Alexander the Great and his adventures, visiting this amazing place. Apart from cultural and commercial hub, Pella is also a place of great historical significance.

Ancient history:

As Pella used to be the capital of Ancient Macedonia from the end of the 5th century B.C. until the beginning of 4th B.C. By the time of its peak, from the late fourth to second century BC, Pella would have been brimming with public, religious, and commercial buildings as well as monuments and homes all carefully organized according to Hippodamian urban planning principles. There you can see important findings such as: the famous marble head of Alexander the Great, large floor mosaics, coins, objects of stone, metal and ceramic, statuettes, and inscriptions.

Modern times:

Nowadays, Pella is very important regional unit in Central Macedonia, North Greece. It offers wide range of cultural, historical, and gastronomical experiences for which it is very famous among tourists. Walking around this magical city you can go for sightseeing of Ancient Pella, Archaeological site of Pella, Loudias river, waterfalls in the nearby city of Edessa (under prefecture of Pella), Giannitsa Ottoman monuments etc.

After the busy day of sightseeing, the best relaxation will be exploring the Kaimakcalan ski centar or taking a bath in hot termal pools of Pozar.

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