Kavala and Philippi

Welcome to Kavala and Philippi !

Kavala is the second biggest city in the Northern Greece. It is located near the city of Alexandroupoli and near the island of Thassos. From Kavala’s port there are daily boats to the near islands such as Thassos. Importance of the port is very high as it puts this town in the spotlight of commerce, tourism, economy. Inhabitants of the city are very keen on fishing and oil related activities. This city has also antique history as it survived Roman era, Middle ages and Ottoman era not loosing its strength and importance. It is very important administrative center in North Greece. The attributes this city offers put this city in the very top of touristic demand and its architecture in the shape of amphitheater gives it special island-like beauty.

Ancient times:

The city was founded in the late 7th century BC by settlers from Thassos. It was one of several Thassian colonies along the coastline, all founded in order to take advantage of rich gold and silver mines, especially those located in the nearby Pangaion mountain (which were eventually exploited by Phillip II of Macedonia). Near Kavala there is very important archaeological site of Philippi, which was important city of King Phillip II who tried to establish his military strength there. The archaeological site is splendid, and it deserves dedication of your time in your touristic visit.

Modern city of Kavala:

Nowadays Kavala is important touristic town and very developed “city break” tourism destination. If you get the chance to enjoy the panoramic view from this city don’t miss to visit some other spots as they will impress you.

Tourist attractions:
Wandering the city of Kavala, we can enjoy in numerous of tourist attractions such as:

Kavala aqueduct, Kavala fort, Archaeological museum, Tobacco museum of Kavala, Kavala port, Kavala beach, Nea Peramos beach, Ofrynio beach etc.

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