Welcome to Halkidiki!

As the whole Greece is considered  the cradle of the civilization, its antique remains fascinate millions of tourists all over the world. Halkidiki (Chalkidiki, Chalkidika) peninsula in Northern Greece does not differ from the rest of the country. On the contrary, this part of Greece is the most visited one during the summer season due to its paradise – looking and blue flag awarded beaches, wonderful gastronomy, traditional villages but also antique remains and historical monuments.

The most beautiful beaches:

The choice of the most beautiful beaches is very difficult as wherever you go in Halkidiki, you will have the sensation of being in some exotic island. If you decide to spend your summer vacation in this wonderful part of Aegean be sure to visit Potidea beach, Kalithea beach, Golden beach (Paliuri),  in Kassandra peninsula; Kavourotripes beach, Lagonisi, Kalamitsi,  Mega Portokali beach in Sithonia peninsula. Do not miss cruising around Holy Mount of Athos-the third finger of Halkidiki which is small state for itself, it is reserved for Monasteries with touching history and even if you are not a believer, the beauty of this part of Halkidiki will make you feel the magic of serenity, dedication and trust.

History and sightseeing:

Between relaxation and swimming, Halkidiki offers so many cultural sites, that it will surprise you. The best places to visit are Prosforio Tower in Ouranopolis (the port from where boats to Mount Athos start), Petralona cave, Aristotel park and Stagira (ancient city where remains and archaeological site is open for tourists), Olynthos ancient site, Lighthouse in Possidi, Church of St. Demetrios in Afitos, Sanctuary of Ammon Zeus, Historical museum of Arnea, Museums of Polygiros, etc.

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