Welcome to Amphipoli!

As the North Greece is full of antient remain of the cities and is rich in archaeological sites, this is one treasure of Central Macedonia you just can not miss. It is a municipality located in the city of Serres.

Ancient history:

Amphipolis is an ancient city and later a Roman city, whose large remains can still be seen. Amphipolis, an Athenian colony, was the seat of the battle between the Spartans and Athenians in 422 BC, and the place where Alexander the Great prepared for campaigns leading to his invasion of Asia. Alexander’s three finest admirals, Nearchus, Androsthenes and Laomedon, resided in Amphipolis, which is also the place where, after Alexander’s death, his wife Roxana and their small son Alexander IV were exiled and later murdered.

Modern life:

In the modern life this ancient city is converted in archaeological site. Excavations in and around the city have revealed important buildings, ancient walls and tombs. The finds are displayed at the archaeological museum of Amphipolis. At the nearby vast Kasta burial mound, an ancient Macedonian tomb has recently been revealed. The Lion of Amphipolis monument nearby is a popular destination for visitors, and it is considered the symbol of the archaeological site and the nearby modern city of Serres.

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